What are Blue Knights?

The Blue Knights is an international Club for motorcycling Police Officers. 

The Blue Knights®

  • (dt. blaue Ritter – derived from the blue uniform of tthe american police officers) were founded in 1974 as a local club in the USA. In the following years many chapters spread over USA, Canada und Australia.
  • In 1989 the Idea was transferred to Europe. You can find Chapters in England, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, Norway, France, Swiss, Denmark, Poland, Austria and many more countries.
  • In Germany were founded over 40 chapters till today.


  • We have approximately 650 chapters with 19500 members in 29 countries
  • Europe: 2394 Members in 106 Chapters
  • United Kindom and Ireland: 645 Members in 22 Chapters

Who can get a member?

  • You can get a member if you are a police, customs, federal police officer or have a similar profession at the DOC or Army. Further you need a driving license for a motorcycle and a motorcycle.
  • Exceptions are permitted

What are our main goals?

  • Promotion of national/international international understanding and European unification.
  • Promotion of motorcycle sports
  • Support for non-profit, charitable and social institutions, organizations and foundations
  • We join and organize national and international meetings with the whole family
  • Promote safety of touring by improving and purchasing passive safety devices (e.g. protectors)
  • advise and give peractical support in questions of active driving safety and
  • indicate financial and material support for above mentioned institutions and organizations.

Why am I a Blue Knight®?

I like …

  • the community of different people who not only have the connection by their profession but also share the fun of motorcycling.
  • also the opportunity to meet nice people and make friends in an informal setting
  • “tough” police officers going to disabled or sick children, let them ride their motorcycles or otherwise have fun with them and perhaps have a tear of emotion in their eyes when they say goodbye.
  • the possibility to get informed of activities of the australian chapters by our international club magazoine.
  • handing over business cards as a sign of invitation if you happen to be near a colleague.
  • the german, the european, the international and the familiar sorrounding?
  • the familiar blue coat of arms on  a colleague’s jacket far from home on vacation, on a street, on a campsite, in a youth hostel and you spend nice vacation days together, even though have never seen each other before. 

The Motorbike parades of the Blue Knights©, whose members drive to a donation hanndover in hundreds after a meeting and agree afterwards: we RIDE WITH PRIDE.